Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Jump Rope Like RockStars!!!

This week was a lot of fun. We all taught a different jump roping move. My move was the side, side, and jump. With each lesson I learn more things I need to work on and I can see other things that I am improving on. When I listented to my audio and did my verbal transcript this week I noticed I did do a much better job moving around and talking to students while they were practicing the skill. However, on my feedback analysis I did notice that I commented on certain skills that I did not go over at the beginning of class. This is a problem because it can get confusing for the children when I am telling them to focus on a couple skills and then commenting on completely different skills. So for my next lesson I want to make sure I stay consistent and try to compent on the skills I went over at the beginning of the lesson. Another thing I want to work on is how I speak. I need to speak more clearly and keep working on not saying the slang words like "gonna". I am very excited for my next lesson because I think it will be a big improvement.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The World Cup's Coming Up Better Work On Passing!!!

I saw a lot of improvements on this lab from when I taught catching a football on the first day of classes. However, I did learn a great deal of things I need to improve after completeing my verbal transcript. One thing that I need to work on is speaking more clearly and saying words correctly. I noticed I used "gonna" instead of "going to" on my different part of my lesson. I need to work on this because by using slang words like "gonna," I do not sound very professional.
I do believe that I made some improvement on how I spent my time during my lesson. On my time coding I ended up with 53% of my lesson being activity time. I also had very little management time, which is great. However, I spent too much time with instructions. I really need to work on keeping my instructions shorter because I want to keep my students as active during class as I can.
Another exercise I did to assess my teaching lesson was a feedback analysis worksheet. This activity helped me to realize that I am not giving enough feedback. I only gave feedback to three different students during my lesson. Also, I need to give feedback to students that I do not know as well. I picked up on that I give feedback to the students of the class that I know the best.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learning To Get The Most Out Of Your PE Class!

I learned a lot from the time worksheet. The main problem that I have is I spend too much time giving instructions. I gave the students instructions for more than a minute at the start of my class. If I were to do this in a real classroom I would have lost the majority of the children's attention. I need to keep my instructions short and simple. Another thing I noticed was I gave too many cues for the children. I know now that there is no way that the children can remember more two or three cues after just being introduced to a new skill. Next time I plan on making my instructions much simpler, which will also cut down on my instruction time. I feel that making this major change will greatly improve my next lesson.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Throwing a Football Lesson!

I can really notice a lot of things that I need to work on. One of the main things I need to work on is speaking more clearly. Sometimes I notice I get talking to fast and I start to mumble. I feel like my message was not communicated as clearly as it could have been because I was not speaking clearly enough. Also I think that my directions were a little confusing because I said them in the wrong order. I had to go back and tell the children to get with a partner. Also I was moving side to side too much. I feel that my students might begin to focus on how I was moving and not on what I was saying. Next time I should just relax when I am talking so I don't try to say everything at once and I should stand still while giving directions. I feel that these types of activities where we tape ourselves teaching really helps me see the areas I need to work on.