Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Semester of Lab Assisting!!

This semester I was a lab assistant for PED 201, Motor Development. As a lab assistant I help the students plan their labs and give them feedback on what they plan for their lessons. Also, during labs I am there to help students set up or provide assistance when they are having problems. In the beginning, the 201 students seemed to be a little shy and nervous. However, as the semester progressed the students got more comfortable with their teaching skills. It was amazing watching each student really find their own teaching style and work to perfect it. This experience was a learning experience for me. I was there to help the 201 students but I believe I learned a lot from watching them teach. It was also great to see how all of the students interacted with the children. Interacting with the children helped the students really developed their skills. I saw a lot of students displaying great enthusiastic during lab. That is one of the ideas that I really stressed to them. In my opinion, enthusiasm is essential to bring with you on your way to teach a lesson. A great lesson plan can turn into a disaster if the teacher lacks enthusiasm for what they are teaching. I also saw the students improve upon projecting their voices. During the first couple of labs the students did not speak loud enough. It takes a bit of time to get comfortable using your voice at that volume but after just a couple of week they seemed to get it down. A piece of advice I gave from my experiences in 201 and 255 was you cannot speak to loud when you’re teaching. I was also very impressed with was how the students planned their lessons. The second half of the semester; the student’s lesson plans were great. Many students came dressed up to go to along with the theme of the lab, and their games were carefully planned to go along with the theme as well. Overall, I am very proud of the improvements made by the 201 students this semester! Lab assisting has been a great experience for me and I look forward to next semester.

Eat Right!!!

I really enjoyed playing Lunch Crunch and Pyramid Pile up. These are two great games that really help to teach children about the importance of proper nutrition. In the game Lunch Crunch the objective is to give the students two servings of either vegetables or fruits before they get to the lunch lady.
The game gives you a selection of foods that keep shuffling as you hand food out to the children. To shuffle the food around more you can take the unhealthy foods and put them into the refrigerator, which gives you more points. If you let a student reach the lunch lady without two servings of fruits and vegetables you lose points. One of the things I really like about this game is the goal is to give the students a healthy lunch. This teaches the children who play this game that the best lunch is a healthy lunch. Also, I like how there is a pretty wide range of foods that you have to choose from. The larger selection of foods makes the game more lifelike and entertaining. Pyramid Pile up is another great game. In this game the objective is to fill up the food pyramid with the correct servings per category before the chompies fall on your pyramid and get to the bottom.
Once the chompies reach the bottom of the pyramid they knock the entire pyramid down. This game gets progressively harder as you more up through the levels. More and more food options and chompies can make it quite challenging. I also like this game because of what it is teaching children about nutrition.
The pyramid has one spot for every serving of that particular food group that is recommended to consume in one day. For example the pyramid has four spots for fruits because it is recommended that a person should eat four servings of fruit per day. After playing this game you just remember how many spots there are for each food group. This is very important information for young children to be learning, especially with obesity as high as it is. I am very happy with the lessons being taught be theses two games and I wish more games could have lessons behind them as important as nutrition.

Friday, May 14, 2010

255 Final Part 1C

What do your impressions of using Daily Burn? Do you currently use another form of online exercise and nutrition tracker? If so what is it and which features do you like better? If not, why not and will you consider staying apart of our Rockstar Group? Be sure to include your screen shots (at least 3) that you took and cropped.

I am very impressed after just a short period of time using the daily burn. I really like how you can look up pretty much any type of food. It gets very specific with the food options, it goes right down to the brand name. I am very happy that you can look up different exercises. This is a key characteristic for a fitness tracker type website because it seems like everyone today is following a different routine with different exercises. Another thing that I really like is there are training plans to accommodate people with different goals. I have actually never used an online fitness tracker before. I keep a fitness log to help me track my progress. I would definitely consider staying apart of the Rockstar Group. The Daily burn is a very user friendly program and I really like how it is setup.

How would you use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B? What modifications would you use to establish a group or individual’s goals?

This website would be great for our students to use to accomplish New York State Learning Standard 1B. This program helps guide you along the process of making a fitness plan. I really like it because it has videos that show the exercises. This is vital because it shows the students the correct form of an exercise that they might not have seen before. The students can actually track their progress, which will motivate them to work harder at getting into better shape. One modification I would make to establish a group goal would adapt the challenge to go along with the goal of the group. If this was just for an individual than you would set it up more for what their personal goals are.

What electronic tool could you see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A? Describe how this tool might work in a High School Setting. If you plan to use Excel, or Google Forms, be sure to include a sample that can tried out online.

I would say that heart rate monitors would be very useful to capture data for meeting New York State Learning Standard 1A. The data from each watch/monitor can be uploaded or sent directly to a handheld or laptop. This data can be put together to make reports that include graphs to show how each student is performing. Also, just by having the heart rate monitors on the students will be motivated to participate in PE. The heart rate monitors are very easy to put on and take off so the teacher doesn’t really loose much time from their lesson.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Part 1B

Where is the web-site from? Where in the world? Which country? What city and state/province is the story from?

This web-site is from CBC, which is the Canadian broadcasting company in Canada. The story takes place in the province of Saskatoon. This story also talks about a High School in Chicago that also is using a fitness plan to improve its student’s academic performance.

What do you think about this news piece....interesting...why or why not?

I think that this news piece is very interesting. I was very surprised by how much all the students improved. For example, Bernie’s comprehension improved 400% and his reading improved 25%. These are amazing results in such a short period of time. Another thing that really helps support that this works is that the entire class improved one letter grade. It is really hard to dispute a program with such strong evidence. It’s amazing to me that programs like these are proven to work, but when a school is looking to make budget cuts the physical education program is one of the first areas they look at. After watching this it made me think back to when I was in high school I did better in school when I was in a sports season. I really hope that more and more schools start adopting programs like these.

Why don’t we hear anything about the PE teacher being involved with City Park Collegiate experiment? How will you ensure that your PE program will be a benefit to the students and faculty of your school?

It is sad to say but the after watching the video it was very clear that they do not have a strong physical education program. The video showed many students in PE just standing around not doing anything. This tells me that the physical education teachers do not care whether the students participate or not. The school needs to get a teacher with some passion and enthusiasm for physical education. My physical education will benefit the students at my school because it will always be an energetic and interesting environment. Throughout the school year I will have new and fun units that will grab the student’s attention. The faculty will benefit from this program because after my PE class the students will be relaxed and ready to concentrate. I feel embarrassed for the PE teacher at this school because after just a few seconds of seeing their class I could tell they do not love what they do.

What are were the main outcomes/benefits of the program? Were you surprised from their findings? Are these outcomes similar to our New York State PE Standards? Explain your answer by giving details and examples, while comparing and contrasting.

The main results from this program were very positive. The students were all improving in reading and writing comprehension and math. Bernie, who was one student who was having a lot of behavioral problems as well as academic problems, improved his comprehension 400%. Also behavioral problems were decreasing dramatically. One student found that running on the treadmill helped him control his anger and it helped him focus in class. The entire class averaged about a one letter grade improvement. It was amazing to see that twenty minutes on a treadmill before class can really change a persons entire outlook on school. The attendance rate increased as well. The students actually wanted to come to school just so that they could use the treadmills. With more students being in school everyday they were able to cover more material in the classrooms. This program is definitely similar to our New York State Learning Standards. The students are actually increasing their personal health twenty minutes before class, which related to NYS LS 1A. Also, the students are given options as far as what type of exercises they are going to do, which is similar to NYS LS 1B, creating a fitness plan. The teacher is the one responsibly for providing a safe and healthy environment, which she is doing. She is going above and beyond with this program because it creates an even healthier environment. The only NYS LS that is not really met in this story is number 3. The students are not given any other options of places that they can go to workout. Now maybe the story just didn’t cover that information and the teacher did provide the students with that type of information but we can’t be sure.

What is BDNF and what does it have to do with PE and learning? How do you get BDNF or other associated goodies? What are the names of two of the “key” books and their authors that currently outline the benefits of exercise and learning/academics? At least one is mentioned in the news piece.

BDNF is a neurochemical that helps the brain grow. BDNF also improves you take information and remember it. This has to do with PE and learning because exercise increases the amount of this particular chemical. However, exercising is not the only way to increase BDNF. BDNF can be increased by reducing the amount of calories you eat in a day. Two books that discuss BDNF are “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John J. Ratey and “Natures Ritalin for the Marathon Mind” by Stephen C. Putnam.

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Lesson Plan

Activity Progression

Feedback Analysis

Time Coding

Content Development

C-9 Form
I feel really good about how my Lab D went. I can see many areas that I improved on from my Lab C. One of the areas that I really made a big improvemnet was my congruent feedback. In Lab D I gave 11 different students congruent feedback which is close to three times the number of students I gave congruent feedback to in Lab C. I also made a large improvement on the amount of time I spent giving instructions. I still spent too much time giving instructions, but I am very happy with the improvement. Another thing that I am very happy about my Lab D was how the lesson flowed. The lesson seemed to move very smoothly. I was also very happy that I had my swimsuit on under my pants because I was asked by two students to get into the pool and show them what I was trying to explain. One thing that I would do differently would be to get right into the pool from the start because it was much easier to show the students the correct form when I was in the water.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I thought my Lab C went pretty well. One of the major mistakes that I made during the lab was I talked too much. At the start of my lesson I went too into the history of broomball, which took caused a long gap between the end of the instant activity and the beginning of my lesson. Also, I rambled each time I was giving directions for the next skill. This is a major problem because if I do this in an real classroom the children are going to get bored and most likely start to go off to the side and start doing something else. For my next lesson I really need to focus on keeping my instructions and cues quick and to the point, which will decrease my instruction time and increase time spent actually doing the activities. I do feel like I had a good hook and that my visual aides were well done. I feel that my hook did catch the student’s attention and get them interested in the lesson. However, during my lesson I got behind on time so I was unable to move onto the last activity, which really involved my visual aids. Another thing that I felt like I did well on was my instant activity, which was freeze tag that started off at a walking pace and progressed to a faster pace. This was a good idea because we were on the ice and since the children are not used to running on the ice I started them slow until they got a feel for it. If I were to just start the students off running on the ice more than likely someone would have gotten hurt. Overall I think I did a good job, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Lesson Plan

Task Progression

Time Coding

Feedback Analysis

Content Development

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I feel like I have really learned a lot from this lab. In this lab I had more time to actually teach and that really helped me to see areas that I really need to work on. When I did my time coding it was very clear that I need to cut down on my instruction time. Over 50% of my lesson was instrucion. To be a successful Physical Education teacher I need to change this because the children are going to get bored listening to me talk for over half of the lesson.
Also in my verbal transcription I still need to work on not saying things like "you guys" and "gonna". I feel like I have improved on saying less slang terms, but I need to keep improving becuase I really do not like how they make me sound unprofessional.
Another area where I need to improve is my feedback. My feedback analysis really helps me to pinpoint what I need to work on, which is being more specific about my cues. In this lab I was not clear enough about my cues and I did not mention a few of the cues in my lesson plan. This is a big problem because the children are going to have a hard time participating if they are unsure about what to focus on. I really have learned a lot from this lab and I hope to improve so my future labs are more successful.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Jump Rope Like RockStars!!!

This week was a lot of fun. We all taught a different jump roping move. My move was the side, side, and jump. With each lesson I learn more things I need to work on and I can see other things that I am improving on. When I listented to my audio and did my verbal transcript this week I noticed I did do a much better job moving around and talking to students while they were practicing the skill. However, on my feedback analysis I did notice that I commented on certain skills that I did not go over at the beginning of class. This is a problem because it can get confusing for the children when I am telling them to focus on a couple skills and then commenting on completely different skills. So for my next lesson I want to make sure I stay consistent and try to compent on the skills I went over at the beginning of the lesson. Another thing I want to work on is how I speak. I need to speak more clearly and keep working on not saying the slang words like "gonna". I am very excited for my next lesson because I think it will be a big improvement.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The World Cup's Coming Up Better Work On Passing!!!

I saw a lot of improvements on this lab from when I taught catching a football on the first day of classes. However, I did learn a great deal of things I need to improve after completeing my verbal transcript. One thing that I need to work on is speaking more clearly and saying words correctly. I noticed I used "gonna" instead of "going to" on my different part of my lesson. I need to work on this because by using slang words like "gonna," I do not sound very professional.
I do believe that I made some improvement on how I spent my time during my lesson. On my time coding I ended up with 53% of my lesson being activity time. I also had very little management time, which is great. However, I spent too much time with instructions. I really need to work on keeping my instructions shorter because I want to keep my students as active during class as I can.
Another exercise I did to assess my teaching lesson was a feedback analysis worksheet. This activity helped me to realize that I am not giving enough feedback. I only gave feedback to three different students during my lesson. Also, I need to give feedback to students that I do not know as well. I picked up on that I give feedback to the students of the class that I know the best.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learning To Get The Most Out Of Your PE Class!

I learned a lot from the time worksheet. The main problem that I have is I spend too much time giving instructions. I gave the students instructions for more than a minute at the start of my class. If I were to do this in a real classroom I would have lost the majority of the children's attention. I need to keep my instructions short and simple. Another thing I noticed was I gave too many cues for the children. I know now that there is no way that the children can remember more two or three cues after just being introduced to a new skill. Next time I plan on making my instructions much simpler, which will also cut down on my instruction time. I feel that making this major change will greatly improve my next lesson.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Throwing a Football Lesson!

I can really notice a lot of things that I need to work on. One of the main things I need to work on is speaking more clearly. Sometimes I notice I get talking to fast and I start to mumble. I feel like my message was not communicated as clearly as it could have been because I was not speaking clearly enough. Also I think that my directions were a little confusing because I said them in the wrong order. I had to go back and tell the children to get with a partner. Also I was moving side to side too much. I feel that my students might begin to focus on how I was moving and not on what I was saying. Next time I should just relax when I am talking so I don't try to say everything at once and I should stand still while giving directions. I feel that these types of activities where we tape ourselves teaching really helps me see the areas I need to work on.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Intro...In A Race To Change PE!


I think that the verbal cues I used during my lesson really helped it go well. The cues I used included if the ball is thrown high, thumbs together and if the ball is thrown low, pinkies together. I noticed that most of the class was folowing these instuctions. Some of the students were not, but sometimes it takes time to break old habbits. One thing I could definetly improve on would be the volume of my voice. I really need to speak louder so that everyone can hear me clearly. Also I should have asked if anyone had any questions. I just went right into letting the students work on throwing the football with a partner. I think if I would have spoken louder then my instructions would have been much easier to hear and the students would of understood them better. Also by asking if anyone had any questions I would be making sure that all of the student understood how to perform the skill. Making these improvements will really help me become a more effective teacher.