Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Intro...In A Race To Change PE!


I think that the verbal cues I used during my lesson really helped it go well. The cues I used included if the ball is thrown high, thumbs together and if the ball is thrown low, pinkies together. I noticed that most of the class was folowing these instuctions. Some of the students were not, but sometimes it takes time to break old habbits. One thing I could definetly improve on would be the volume of my voice. I really need to speak louder so that everyone can hear me clearly. Also I should have asked if anyone had any questions. I just went right into letting the students work on throwing the football with a partner. I think if I would have spoken louder then my instructions would have been much easier to hear and the students would of understood them better. Also by asking if anyone had any questions I would be making sure that all of the student understood how to perform the skill. Making these improvements will really help me become a more effective teacher.