Sunday, April 18, 2010



Lesson Plan

Activity Progression

Feedback Analysis

Time Coding

Content Development

C-9 Form
I feel really good about how my Lab D went. I can see many areas that I improved on from my Lab C. One of the areas that I really made a big improvemnet was my congruent feedback. In Lab D I gave 11 different students congruent feedback which is close to three times the number of students I gave congruent feedback to in Lab C. I also made a large improvement on the amount of time I spent giving instructions. I still spent too much time giving instructions, but I am very happy with the improvement. Another thing that I am very happy about my Lab D was how the lesson flowed. The lesson seemed to move very smoothly. I was also very happy that I had my swimsuit on under my pants because I was asked by two students to get into the pool and show them what I was trying to explain. One thing that I would do differently would be to get right into the pool from the start because it was much easier to show the students the correct form when I was in the water.