Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I thought my Lab C went pretty well. One of the major mistakes that I made during the lab was I talked too much. At the start of my lesson I went too into the history of broomball, which took caused a long gap between the end of the instant activity and the beginning of my lesson. Also, I rambled each time I was giving directions for the next skill. This is a major problem because if I do this in an real classroom the children are going to get bored and most likely start to go off to the side and start doing something else. For my next lesson I really need to focus on keeping my instructions and cues quick and to the point, which will decrease my instruction time and increase time spent actually doing the activities. I do feel like I had a good hook and that my visual aides were well done. I feel that my hook did catch the student’s attention and get them interested in the lesson. However, during my lesson I got behind on time so I was unable to move onto the last activity, which really involved my visual aids. Another thing that I felt like I did well on was my instant activity, which was freeze tag that started off at a walking pace and progressed to a faster pace. This was a good idea because we were on the ice and since the children are not used to running on the ice I started them slow until they got a feel for it. If I were to just start the students off running on the ice more than likely someone would have gotten hurt. Overall I think I did a good job, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Lesson Plan

Task Progression

Time Coding

Feedback Analysis

Content Development

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I feel like I have really learned a lot from this lab. In this lab I had more time to actually teach and that really helped me to see areas that I really need to work on. When I did my time coding it was very clear that I need to cut down on my instruction time. Over 50% of my lesson was instrucion. To be a successful Physical Education teacher I need to change this because the children are going to get bored listening to me talk for over half of the lesson.
Also in my verbal transcription I still need to work on not saying things like "you guys" and "gonna". I feel like I have improved on saying less slang terms, but I need to keep improving becuase I really do not like how they make me sound unprofessional.
Another area where I need to improve is my feedback. My feedback analysis really helps me to pinpoint what I need to work on, which is being more specific about my cues. In this lab I was not clear enough about my cues and I did not mention a few of the cues in my lesson plan. This is a big problem because the children are going to have a hard time participating if they are unsure about what to focus on. I really have learned a lot from this lab and I hope to improve so my future labs are more successful.