Sunday, December 6, 2009


I can’t believe we just had our last lab at St. Mary’s Elementary School. This was a great lab. The theme of this lab was Christmas. Many of us in lab dressed up like elves and reindeer and once the children saw us they became very excited. This week in lab my group started off in the cafeteria. I played checkers and chest with the children. The children play checkers by some different rules than I remember. I think some of the rules are not exactly in the real checkers rule book like the children told me. I was very surprised with how good the children were at chest. They thought out every move and really had a good knowledge of the game. After we went up stairs into the gym and played a Christmas game that my group had prepared for them. The game was a maze where the children would start off going through a windy road on scooters. Then the children had to hope over hula hoops. The children would then run to the throwing/kicking station. The children would get a ball and try to hit the Christmas posters on the wall. We started off with the children kicking the ball at the posters and then we changed it so the children were throwing the ball at the posters. I think the children really enjoyed this activity. After playing this game I was playing catch with a football with a few other children. We ended this lab was Amanda leading a Christmas song. I have really enjoyed my experience at St. Mary’s Elementary School and I have become a much better teach because of this experience.

Clifford Made a Visit to St. Mary's!!!!!

I cannot believe that this was our fifth lab already. This semester is going by so fast. The theme for this lab was Thanksgiving. My group this week worked with the pre-k children. I was amazed with how much energy they have. The first thing we did was go outside and play on the playground because it was a really nice day. We played tag with Derek and many other children. We also played hide and go seek and a bounty hunter game that the kids really like. The rules to the bounty hunter game are all the college kids are fugitives and Christina and Derek were two of the bounty hunters trying to catch them. Once a college kid is caught they must be brought to jail until they get the chance to escape. This game was a lot of fun and while we were playing it I was amazed at how fast some of the children are. There were times when I was running as fast as I could and Derek was right behind me. After we played outside for a while went back into the classroom and Chris read the children a Clifford book about Thanksgiving. After the story was over we all went into the gym and had an activity based on the story. The children would start out by going through a tunnel just like Clifford did in the story. Then the children had to hope through the city while trying to avoid hitting any buildings. Finally the children would select a piece of food that were scattered on the floor to put in Clifford’s dish. The children had a great time with today’s lab and I did to.