Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eat Right!!!

I really enjoyed playing Lunch Crunch and Pyramid Pile up. These are two great games that really help to teach children about the importance of proper nutrition. In the game Lunch Crunch the objective is to give the students two servings of either vegetables or fruits before they get to the lunch lady.
The game gives you a selection of foods that keep shuffling as you hand food out to the children. To shuffle the food around more you can take the unhealthy foods and put them into the refrigerator, which gives you more points. If you let a student reach the lunch lady without two servings of fruits and vegetables you lose points. One of the things I really like about this game is the goal is to give the students a healthy lunch. This teaches the children who play this game that the best lunch is a healthy lunch. Also, I like how there is a pretty wide range of foods that you have to choose from. The larger selection of foods makes the game more lifelike and entertaining. Pyramid Pile up is another great game. In this game the objective is to fill up the food pyramid with the correct servings per category before the chompies fall on your pyramid and get to the bottom.
Once the chompies reach the bottom of the pyramid they knock the entire pyramid down. This game gets progressively harder as you more up through the levels. More and more food options and chompies can make it quite challenging. I also like this game because of what it is teaching children about nutrition.
The pyramid has one spot for every serving of that particular food group that is recommended to consume in one day. For example the pyramid has four spots for fruits because it is recommended that a person should eat four servings of fruit per day. After playing this game you just remember how many spots there are for each food group. This is very important information for young children to be learning, especially with obesity as high as it is. I am very happy with the lessons being taught be theses two games and I wish more games could have lessons behind them as important as nutrition.

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