Friday, May 14, 2010

255 Final Part 1C

What do your impressions of using Daily Burn? Do you currently use another form of online exercise and nutrition tracker? If so what is it and which features do you like better? If not, why not and will you consider staying apart of our Rockstar Group? Be sure to include your screen shots (at least 3) that you took and cropped.

I am very impressed after just a short period of time using the daily burn. I really like how you can look up pretty much any type of food. It gets very specific with the food options, it goes right down to the brand name. I am very happy that you can look up different exercises. This is a key characteristic for a fitness tracker type website because it seems like everyone today is following a different routine with different exercises. Another thing that I really like is there are training plans to accommodate people with different goals. I have actually never used an online fitness tracker before. I keep a fitness log to help me track my progress. I would definitely consider staying apart of the Rockstar Group. The Daily burn is a very user friendly program and I really like how it is setup.

How would you use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B? What modifications would you use to establish a group or individual’s goals?

This website would be great for our students to use to accomplish New York State Learning Standard 1B. This program helps guide you along the process of making a fitness plan. I really like it because it has videos that show the exercises. This is vital because it shows the students the correct form of an exercise that they might not have seen before. The students can actually track their progress, which will motivate them to work harder at getting into better shape. One modification I would make to establish a group goal would adapt the challenge to go along with the goal of the group. If this was just for an individual than you would set it up more for what their personal goals are.

What electronic tool could you see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A? Describe how this tool might work in a High School Setting. If you plan to use Excel, or Google Forms, be sure to include a sample that can tried out online.

I would say that heart rate monitors would be very useful to capture data for meeting New York State Learning Standard 1A. The data from each watch/monitor can be uploaded or sent directly to a handheld or laptop. This data can be put together to make reports that include graphs to show how each student is performing. Also, just by having the heart rate monitors on the students will be motivated to participate in PE. The heart rate monitors are very easy to put on and take off so the teacher doesn’t really loose much time from their lesson.

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