Monday, October 26, 2009

Saving Dodgeball from the PE Hall of Shame

I feel that corrections can be made to the game of dodgeball to make it both safer and more enjoyable for children of all athletic abilities. One way to make this game safer is by introducing the rule that hitting anyone from the shoulders up is not allowed. I understand that this rule seems obvious, however it can make the game a great deal safer as long as it is strictly enforced by the Physical Education Teacher. Another way to eliminate safety concerns is my making a rule that the ball must bounce off of the ground before it can hit another person. This make this game extremely safe to play. Also making a space between the two teams that neither team can throw from is another way the game can be made safer. This zone makes for longer throws so the ball will not be traveling as fast. One way to get all the children involved is by making all the children who are already out ball retrievers. Once a child is out there knew job to help their team is to get all the loose balls and give them to their team members who are still in. Also the gym can be divided into two separate courts. The children are divided into four teams and begin to play two teams on each court. Once a child get out of one game they join into the game on the other court. The object is to stay on your original court or switch between court as little as possible. In this form of dodgeball the children are always playing and never have to sit out and watch the game until it is over. So I feel that by applying some of these changes the game of dodgeball can become a helpful tool for Physical Education Teachers to get their students involved in physical activity while keeping them safe.

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  1. I love the arguments you are giving in this post. Im pretty sure the Yang man showed your class my post about why dodgeball should be kept in schools, and I think you helped back me up very well. I agree that, like I said in my post, any game can be made appropriate with the right teacher making the right variations and changes.

    Keep up the great posts