Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Batman Superman, Wolverine and More!!!

I had a great time at St. Mary's school this week. The theme for this lab was superheros. I was very happy to see that our entire class shared great enthusiasm for this lab by dressing up. My fellow Leaping Lizards and I dressed up as four different superheros. Jenna was batwoman, Chris was robin, Matt was optimus prime and I was wolverine. The children were so excited when they saw all of us walk into the school in different costumes. In fact Dustin, one of the students who I was playing with liked my wolverine mask so much that he tried many times to take it. Dustin and I played many different games, such as tag and catch with a football. However, I did notice that when I was "it" in tag more and more areas became safe zones. Also my team, Leaping Lizards played a superhero game with the children. This was a great game and the children really seemed to have a lot of fun. We had many different stations that each challenged the children in different skills, such as hoping, galloping, running, balancing and throwing. Each station either was a superhero or a villain, which made it fun for the children. I had a great time in this lab and I am excited for the Halloween lab.

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  1. I love how excited your group gets for every lab. Showing this much energy and excitment for your lessons is huge and I am so possitive that you will all become great teachers in the future and I would be glad to have my kids in your class. Bringing costumes is easy and such a great way to get the kids excited and into your lesson.

    When a students see's optimus prime walk in, they are paying attention, trust me. You are also showing a great improvement in contolling the kids. I can tell you are becoming more and mroe comfortable infron of the kids and this is great!

    Keep up the great work, and keep making your posts as filled with pictures as this one!